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30. Sep, 2014 - Tuesday

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Has Your Cat Ever Stolen Your Favorite Blanket or Sweater? - Catster

Here she is huffing my, uh, HER, sweater. And who am I to tell her no? I mean, I'm the no-good human who uprooted from her home, where all her smells and secret hiding places were, and plopped her in this strange, new place full of unfamiliar nooks and ...

Ashley Tisdale & Kate Bosworth's NYC Sweater: Get It For $60 - Hollywood Life

Ashley and Kate are repping the east coast in the most fashionable way possible! The two blonde bombshells wore the same NYC sweater and both added their own styling to the comfy and chic get-up. Want to get the exact sweater for only $60? SHOP here!...

USA Ryder Cup team wearing mom's ugly flag sweater - SB Nation

This is one of the rare golf events that the pros play for their country, so it's not unusual for the American side to wear outfits with plenty of red, white, and blue. It's not required, but it's usual a part of at least one outfit. This year's ...


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